Emmerdale stunt to be 'biggest in soap history'

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  • 20 October 2016
John Middleton

John Middleton

'Emmerdale' character Ashley Thomas will be involved in a horrific car crash this week, which has been dubbed the "biggest stunt in soap history"

'Emmerdale' star John Middleton will be involved in the "biggest stunt in soap history" this week.

The 63-year-old actor's character, vicar Ashley Thomas, will be in an horrific car crash in which his motor is to barrel roll leaving him unconscious and viewers wondering or not whether he is going to die.

The scenes were shot at Pinewood Studios - where 'Star Wars' is made - and producer Iain MacLeod insists the dramatic stunt is the closest thing a soap has ever got to being like a Hollywood action movie.

He said: "Basically I'm saying 'Emmerdale' is seven times better than 'Star Wars'.

"This is definitely the biggest week I've been involved in - it's massive, there are so many different incidents.

"It's about the most cinematic thing you'll ever have seen in soap."

The fast-paced nature of shooting a soap meant 'Emmerdale' bosses had to film the action sequence much quicker than it would take on a movie set.

Iain added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The stunt director said we are achieving in three or four days what some shoots might take three weeks to do.

"We're in the cars with the characters, see their emotions. It's spectacular and could compete with Hollywood - but it's also got a vicar and chickens."

Other characters will be involved in the smash which makes up part of a dramatic week of 'Emmerdale' episodes.

Viewers have been made aware that one character is going to meet their maker this week as each episode has begun with a coffin being lowered into the ground.

However, it's not known who is going to pass away.

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