5 Reasons To Go See - Bob Mould

Bob Mould
  1. Hüsker Dü
    Mould was singer and guitarist with seminal American hardcore outfit Hüsker Dü. Throughout the 80s they released a string of hugely influential records including Zen Arcade and New Day Rising. Their unique blend of thrashy punk, melody and musical ambition were an inspiration to everyone from the Pixies and Radiohead to Nirvana.
  2. Sugar
    As if one legendary band wasn’t enough, Mould went on to form Sugar after Hüsker Dü split. During the early 90s they were at the front of the grunge explosion, spawning two superb albums and a few hit singles along the way.
  3. . . . and there’s the solo material
    Mould has continued to record and release a diverse range of solo albums over the last 20 years. These have incorporated everything from country and hardcore to electronica and dance music. He also still DJs at a gay club in his Washington hometown.
  4. Cos if you don’t, he’ll write you an ass-kicking
    Mould has been a lifelong wrestling fan, and in a bizarre career change he briefly joined the World Championship Wrestling organisation (which was bought over by WWF) as a scriptwriter. Wait a minute, those bouts are scripted? No way.
  5. He’s a film star
    OK, he’s not, but he’s apparently mates with director Cameron Crowe. Allegedly, the character Bob Sugar in Crowe’s film Jerry Maguire is named after Mould and his former band.

ABC, Glasgow, Fri 23 May.

Bob Mould Band

American singer/songwriter/guitar hero and giant of US alternative rock, founder member of seminal bands Hüsker Dü and Sugar.

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