Theo Randall eyes cookery show

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  • 19 October 2016
Theo Randall

ASK Italian attempted the world record for biggest antipasti 'Giantipasti', to celebrate their autumn menu launch

Chef Theo Randall is keen to land his own cookery show, and may even take some inspiration from 'Harry Hill's Tea Time'

Theo Randall is eyeing his own cookery show.

The famous chef would love to land his own programme on the small screen but admits it would have to have an element of "fun" about it, and he would make sure his recipes were easy to follow for viewers.

Speaking at ASK Italian's world record attempt for biggest antipasti, which was made up of an incredible 62,100g of food, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I love doing television, as long as it's fun because it should be.

"Essentially, it's a great format to teach people so I love doing things where you're doing a dish that's achievable and I love doing cooking that people can replicate.

"The biggest compliment you can get from TV is if people go, 'Oh I really like the look of that dish, I'm going to try that.'

"It's fun doing it, I enjoying doing that kind of thing."

Should Theo land a cookery show in the near future it might take some inspiration from the new series of 'Harry Hill's Tea Time', because he likes the idea of a show combining comedy and cooking.

He added: "I must watch it because that, I've heard it's hilarious.

"That sort of thing I quite like, cooking and entertainment, you can have a laugh."

But the star cook doesn't have much time to watch such shows himself because he is always in his restaurant.

He added: "As a chef you don't spend hours watching cookery programmes because you don't have time.

"It's fantastic that lots of people do watch them though.

"You'd think they would stop but cookery shows have just got bigger and bigger."

ASK Italian are hoping to set a new Guinness World Record with their gargantuan 'Giantipasti', which consists of an impressive 16,000g of cured meats, 13,000g of cheese and 13,000g of vegetables and is 10-metres long, and Theo was impressed with the set-up of the food.

He said: "It's very impressive, it's quite amazing. There are 62kgs of salami and cheese!

"There was a woman walking her dog at about 6am and she walked past and stopped in her tracks and the dog carried on walking, and she yanked the dog back and started taking pictures.

"The dog was obviously not into salami!"

The antipasti board was the entire length of ASK's new-look Gloucester Road restaurant in London and took three hours to build.

The board included a range of smoked prosciutto, rosemary and sea salt bread, and fioncchiona salami, and the record attempt was to celebrate their autumn menu launch

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