Tom Chaplin wants Calvin Harris collaboration

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  • 19 October 2016
Tom Chaplin

Tom Chaplin

Tom Chaplin's singing has been given a new lease of life since he quit taking drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol and now he is interested in collaborating

Tom Chaplin wants to collaborate with Calvin Harris because his voice is so much "better" since he stopped taking drugs.

The Keane singer recently released his solo album 'The Wave' and says ever since he gave up alcohol, smoking and taking substances in 2014, he's reaped the benefits and is able to sing higher notes he's never been able to before.

He said: "My voice has been given two years freedom from abuse and it's so much easier to get it going.

"Obviously a healthy body and healthy voice have allowed me to push that range and it's surprised me. The lower part I'd never expressed in Keane and there's some very, very big high moments.

"Now not drinking, taking drugs and stopping smoking, all of those things contribute to my voice in a good way."

The 37-year-old singer's new confidence has made him "open" to working with other artists and the Scottish DJ is at the top of his list.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "Now I'm open to working with other people, why not something like Calvin Harris."

Tom has also said he has a lot more energy now and has admitted that he would lie to his family and sneak about when he was under the influence, which he found "exhausting".

He said: "I was doing all manner of things that were destructive.

"The biggest change is my energy levels - I was diverting all my resources to lying, sneaking about and that's an incredibly exhausting process."

Tom previously said making his solo album prevented him from losing his wife Natalie and their two-year-old daughter Freya following years of alcohol abuse.

Now, he no longer has the urge to take drugs and hit the bottle because creating his debut solo LP allowed him to address unresolved issues he had when he was younger.

He previously said: "I can never drink or take drugs again and I accept that.

"But the main result of making this record is that I no longer want to. In the past I've kept things in and never wanted to address issues I've had since I was a teenager.

"But coming close to losing my wife, my daughter and my career I've looked at stuff and resolved issues that I hadn't for years."

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