The Vamps inspired by Justin Bieber

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  • 18 October 2016
The Vamps

The Vamps

The Vamps are determined to follow Justin Bieber's footsteps by making their music more EDC pop

The Vamps have taken musical inspiration from Justin Bieber.

The 'Oh Cecilia' hitmakers have decided to ditch their guitars and following the 22-year-old singer down the EDM pop route after their recent anthem 'All Night', which they dropped last week, proved such a hit with fans.

The band's lead singer Bradley Simpson explained: "We've definitely changed sonically. Not exactly changed, but we have developed. The album sounds a bit more current. Obviously the whole music industry has shifted a bit. So it's a bit more current in the sense that it's a bit more dancy, a bit more Justin Bieber/Skrillex kind of sound. So we've taken influence from that but kind of put our print on it."

Although they're desperate to have the same success as the Canadian star and his latest album 'Purpose', the foursome - comprised also of James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans - have no interest in making it into the headlines for bad behaviour and outrageous antics, like their idol Justin.

Speaking to Fault magazine, Bradley explained: "Somehow - I don't even know how - we ended up in a leopard-printed limousine [after a night out on the town]. That's probably the most rock star thing we've ever done."

Although they seem to have so much admiration for Justin, the boy band aren't interested in persuading him to collaborate with them on a song for their album.

However, they do have their eye on former soccer player David Beckham's oldest son Brooklyn Beckham, 17, because of his well-known rapping skills.

Bradley said recently: "We want to get him involved. He can spit bars. He's going to be rapping on the album. We're probably two-thirds through the album. It's been fun. We just want to get more music out."

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