X (Group Show)

Kirsty Whiten

Recoat Gallery, Glasgow, Sat 31 May–Wed 2 Jul


Life can be tough for a young gallery, particularly when it comes to finding its niche. Yet, this has not been a problem for the team at Recoat Gallery, who are gearing up for their tenth exhibition since opening a year ago. Entitled X – after the Roman numeral rather than X-rated content – the exhibition features ten international artists who are influenced by design, illustration and graffiti.

One of the local inclusions is Kirsty Whiten, who has shown in two previous exhibitions at the gallery. This time round Whiten will be exhibiting a Giclee print of her painting ‘Hareem Scene’ (pictured below). Inspired by Persian and Indian miniatures, the work depicts figures against a surreal, richly coloured and precisely detailed background, highlighted with gold leaf. ‘I wanted the piece to have an Eastern feel, so the models are dressed in costumes I felt gave that sense,’ says Whiten. ‘The head-dresses are towels, and some of the men are holding objects that look like swords, though in actual fact they’re umbrellas.’ Whiten will also be unveiling a brand new pen and ink drawing, featuring similarly imaginative subject matter, and a subversion of art historical themes.

Whiten is clearly thrilled to be showing in Recoat’s tenth exhibition. ‘Recoat always shows excellent artists with an appreciation of design ethic and finish,’ she says. ‘With them I never have to apologise for the craftsmanship of my work.’


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The young Glasgow gallery celebrate their 10th exhibition with a show of ten artists. See what they did there? Kirsty Whiten and Suzy Q are amongst the many.

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