BBC Store brings out classic kids' shows

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  • 17 October 2016


The BBC Store are celebrating 70 years since the first broadcast of 'Muffin the Mule' by making a host of classic and cult kids' shows available

'Rentaghost', 'Andy Pandy', and other classic children's television series are being made available on the BBC Store.

In order to mark the 70th anniversary of the first television broadcast of 'Muffin the Mule' on October 20, 1946, a whole host of classic kids programmes, including four that have never been released before - 'The Adventure Game', 'Break in the Sun', 'Codename Icarus' and 'The Enchanted Castle' - will be available for purchase each day this week.

On Monday (17.10.16), the 15 original episodes of 'Andy Pandy' will be available for the first time since the puppet show's original VHS release in the 1950s, while Tuesday (18.10.16) will introduce audiences to four of the first six episodes of cult classic 1980s celebrity game show 'The Adventure Game'.

On Wednesday, 1972 animated series 'Crystal Tipps and Alistair' - the psychedelic adventures of big-haired Crystal and her dog Alistair - will go up on the BBC Store, along with the first series of comedy drama series 'Rentaghost', which saw hapless Fred Mumford opening a business to hire out ghosts and poltergeists, assisted and distracted by Victorian spook Hubert Davenport and mischievous poltergeist Timonthy Claypole.

Thursday (20.10.16) will celebrate classic children's drama, including newly-available shows 'Break in the Sun', 'The Enchanted Castle', 'Codename Icarus' and 'Moon Stallion', as well as already available 'The Railway Children', 'The Phoenix and the Carpet', 'The Swish of the Curtain', 'Moondial', 'Five Children and It' and the more-recent adaptations of David Walliams' novels 'Gangsta Granny' and 'Mr. Stink'.

Thursday will also see the introduction of two animated series, 'Henry's Cat' from 1983 and 'Puppydog Tales' from 1989, while Friday's (21.10.16) offerings are drama series 'Demon Headmaster' and pre-school favourite 'Teletubbies'.

To download any of the programmes, visit the BBC Store at

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