Ron Howard's daughter Bryce Dallas Howard is 'very very critical' about his films

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  • 16 October 2016
Ron Howard

Ron Howard

Ron Howard's daughter Bryce Dallas Howard is "very very critical" about his films

Ron Howard's daughter Bryce is "very very critical" about his films.

The 62-year-old American filmmaker - who has daughters Bryce, Paige, Jocelyn and son Reed with his wife Cheryl - has admitted he has "very good resources" to rely on if he wants an honest critique of his productions, although his oldest child's opinion can be quite brutal.

Speaking to about who he can show early clips of his films to and trust he will receive a constructive evaluation from, he said: "Well my wife Cheryl to begin with, she is also a novelist so she has a great story mind and it has always been a creative secret weapon for me, so her instincts matter a lot.

"My daughter Bryce now, when I can get her in she is very smart about movies, has great ideas and she is very very critical, especially [to] Dad. SO i have got some very good resources to go to."

And Howard has admitted he regularly has "test screenings" because he wants to ensure the audience will not be confused by his storyline.

He explained: "Lots of test screenings as I always do, because I am always curious about the way the movies is communicating with the audience. And, of course, these kind of movies are so complex the questions are always about refining how much information is coming forward, so you're not too confusing and not revealing too many twists and turns too quickly. "

Meanwhile, Howard has revealed he is still working on the 10-part series 'Genius' based on the late Albert Einstein.

Speaking about his latest ventures, he said: "We are still working on it ['Genius'], I just shot the first half of the episode - I am directing the first hour. Geoffrey Rush is going to be playing older Einstein, Johnny Flynn younger Einstein in our 10- hour about Albert Einstein.

"Just getting underway, it's really exciting, great writing and a fantastic cast is coming together around our young and older Einstein."

And Howard has admitted he has plans to work on two other films in the future, although he is sceptical he will be able to fulfil his ambition of directing both projects in his "lifetime".

He said: "I don't know exactly what I am going to do. A couple of high profile books that I am working on, adapting. One is Neil Gaiman's 'The Graveyard Book', very challenging but really interesting. Another one that's also challenging, is Neal Stephenson's 'Seveneves', really great, very realistic sci-fi thriller. I hope in my lifetime I get to make them both, but I don't know what one will come first."

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