Josh Brooks 'sorry' for past behaviour

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  • 16 October 2016
Brooks Way with mentor Louis Walsh [Twitter]

Brooks Way with Louis Walsh

Axed 'X Factor' contestant Josh Brooks is "sorry" for his past behaviour but insists he never hit his former girlfriend

Axed 'X Factor' contestant Josh Brooks is "sorry" for his past behaviour.

Although the 17-year-old Brooks Way singer insists allegations he hit his former girlfriend Amelia Clarke, 18, are false, he admitted their relationship was volatile and has vowed to seek counselling after he and his brother Kyle were axed from the competition when the claims surfaced.

He told The Sun on Sunday: "From the bottom of my heart, I am really, really sorry.

"My relationship with Amelia had become really volatile and toxic.

"We were arguing all the time. It wasn't great - then things got physical. There was one situation that got really hostile. Even though I didn't ever hit her, it's still not OK.

"I feel bad for Kyle. I've had counselling in the past and I think I need to speak to someone again."

Josh also revealed that they left the show by "mutual consent" following talks with producers but the whole situation was so rushed that they didn't get a chance to discuss it with their mentor Louis Walsh.

Girl group Four of Diamonds were drafted in to replace Brooks Way on the show, with Louis saying he was "really impressed" by the girls and is "delighted" to be bringing them back to the show.

In a statement, the 64-year-old entertainment manager said: "I was really impressed with the girls at Judges' Houses but only had three spots to fill for the live shows. At the time, a lot of viewers were disappointed that I didn't put the girls through. Now that a place has opened up in my category, I've listened to the fans, and am delighted to be bringing the girls back. They're a great girl group and I'm hoping will take me all the way to the final."

And the girls - comprised of Caroline, 19, Lauren, 21, Yasmin, 17, and Sophia, 19 - couldn't quite believe their luck, saying they were "so excited" to have a place on the live show.

They said: "We are so excited to be back on The X Factor. We're really looking forward to performing live, working hard and showing everyone what we're made of."

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