Anna Kendrick's creepy kiss

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  • 14 October 2016
Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick says her first on-screen kiss in 'Rocket Science' was "creepy" because she had to kiss a 15-year-old boy when she was 19-years-old

Anna Kendrick's first on-screen kiss was "creepy".

The 'Pitch Perfect' star has recalled how she smooched a 15-year-old boy in the movie 'Rocket Science' when she was 19-years-old.

She said: "I kissed a boy who was 15 or 16 so I felt pretty creepy."

And when the 31-year-old actress first moved to Hollywood at the age of 17, she shared an apartment with a 27-year-old but promised she wouldn't need babysitting.

She recalled: "Her reaction was like, 'I'm not looking to babysit anyone.' And I was like, 'Don't even worry about it, girl! I'm a professional.' And then I proceeded to do my best impression of a functioning adult - and I'm still doing it!"

And Anna also opened up about her first audition, admitting she never got the job.

She told E! News: "My first audition was for Annie - both like when I was five-years-old and auditioning for community theatre and my professional audition when I was 10-years-old was for the Broadway revival of Annie. I did not get the jobs."

Meanwhile, Anna previously admitted she never had "a backup plan".

She said: "I got some terrible advice when I was really young, which was not to have a backup plan. I had this singularity of focus. I never considered doing something else."

Anna is also considering taking a six month break from acting.

She shared recently: "It's hard to take a step back and see if there's something I should be doing differently. At some point I'll have to take a good six months off and not make movies.

"But working for 14 hours a day for months at a time is not sustainable. Not being on a set means you can explore the world and enrich your life. It'd probably be wise to invest in those things."

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