The Night Manager to return for second series?

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  • 13 October 2016
Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston

'The Night Manager' may be commissioned for a second series following the success of the first

'The Night Manager' may return for a second series.

The crime drama proved a huge success when it hit screens in February, but bosses are still trying to think of a way to create another six-part installment seeing as the John Le Carré novel of the same name that it was based on doesn't have a sequel.

Simon Cornwall - the son of John - said at a Royal Television Society event: "Of course, the broadcasters would love to do another series [of 'The Night Manager'].

"There's no book and there's never been a Le Carré story that has been extended beyond the confines of the novel.

"It would be interesting to try that. We wouldn't do something that we didn't feel had a fighting chance of being even better than the first one. We might not succeed, but I think if you don't go in with ambition, there's actually no point in doing it."

However, although producers are keen to start on a second series, Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie - who play Jonathan Pine and Richard Onslow Roper respectively - may need a little more persuasion to return as they admitted recently that they were "done" with the show because there's no more content.

Hugh explained: "It's based on a novel, we've got to the end of the novel and John Le Carré has yet to write another novel, so in cold practical terms, no, we're done."

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