Stephanie Davis wants to do Strictly Come Dancing

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  • 12 October 2016
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis has admitted she'd really like to take part in next year's 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Stephanie Davis would "love" to do 'Strictly Come Dancing' next year.

The 23-year-old actress has been watching her former 'Hollyoaks' co-star Danny Mac wow the judges week-in week-out with his impressive moves on the ballroom and latin show and that's given her the determination to persuade bosses to give her a chance next series.

She explained: "I've also been watching my friend Danny Mac on 'Strictly Come Dancing' - he's a good dancer! I did 'Children In Need' with him and I think he'll go far. I'd love to do 'Strictly...' next year as I love dancing! That would be lovely to do."

However, it's highly unlikely the brunette beauty will be getting practice any time soon as she's currently "waddling around" due to baby bump.

Writing in her column for OK! Online, she said: "I officially picked up my keys [to her new house] and the mayhem has started! I didn't realise how stressful getting a new home would be. Everything has to be done in a certain order and you need things putting up etc so it's really hectic at the moment. Being pregnant has made the whole thing a bit harder, especially now I'm waddling! I want to be able to get more hands on but instead I'm just sat there, eating crisps, and pointing!"

And, although she's still got three months to go until she's due to meet her little one, Stephanie already knows she's going to miss her bump.

She said: "I know I have a few months to go yet but I already know I'm going to miss being pregnant. With him in my belly I feel so close to him. I feel extra safe and protected because he's there with me all the time. Those kicks are so comforting but I feel like I'll be constantly holding my stomach when he's here - I'm going to really miss it."

But the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star doesn't think it'll be long before she starts trying for another little one after the birth of her son.

She explained: "One day, I would love to give him a brother or sister. I'd definitely have more, I want him to have someone to play with like I did with my three younger brothers. When the time is right I want to meet someone and have a nice family."

Stephanie hasn't had the easiest pregnancy so far as she's been riddled with acute morning sickness and painful twinges.

Her nausea has finally settled down but doctors want to see her regularly for scans as her baby is measuring bigger than he should be.

She said: "I have another growth scan this Friday to see what's going on in my belly. I'll be having a few of these because my belly is bigger then it should be at this stage. I'm always nervous about these things because you just worry about everything when you're pregnant. I hate it when they go quiet but everything should be fine.

"I get to see him again too which is really comforting after such a bad start to the pregnancy. After all those pains and the stress it's nice to see him and keep an eye on him."

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