Jude Law motivated by the fear of failing

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  • 11 October 2016
Jude Law

Jude Law

Jude Law has revealed he is pushed and motivated by the fear of his movie failing

Jude Law is motivated by the fear of failure.

The 'Spy' star likes the "pressure" of not knowing how good a film is going to do as he feels it makes him a better actor.

He told Total Film magazine: "That pressure is quite what turns me on in a way.

"The fear of not getting something right and the feeling of exposing yourself is, because obviously it's a public job, one of the thrills. It pushes and motivates me."

However, that doesn't stop the 43-year-old actor getting nervous on set.

He admitted previously: "I do get nervous, but I've realized that as I've gotten older, I hide my nerves more, and instead they will come out in odd ways.

"Instead of standing around perspiring or thinking 'I can't do this, I can't do this', it's a more a modest sort of anxiety, expressed through being a bit fidgety, or through needing to engage with whoever's working around you to divert your attention.

"You're anxious because you want to be good ... So that usually raises your attention to detail and your commitment, which is a good thing."

Meanwhile, Jude recently revealed why he turned down the role of 'Superman' in 2006's 'Superman Returns'.

He said: "This was a while ago. So, you remember they were rebooting, they rebooted 'Superman', not this last time with Henry Cavill. They did it once before ... So, I was approached and at the time, I don't know, it just didn't float my boat. I just didn't really want to go there. I'm an Englishman! I felt like it just didn't seem to fit ...

"I was always worried about the outfit. I just didn't fancy it. I take the suit into the bathroom and I'm putting it on and then I look round and I'm in the mirror and then suddenly I'm Superman right? Then I have this picture of me in that costume in posters all around the world and I was like, 'No way.' And I unzipped it. I was Superman for two minutes. That's enough."

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