John Thomson: 'There will be outcry if Cold Feet isn't recommissioned

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  • 10 October 2016
John Thomson

John Thomson

John Thomson would love to see 'Cold Feet' return for another series and is convinced there will be an "outcry" if bosses decide not to recommission it

John Thomson thinks there will be a public "outcry" if 'Cold Feet' doesn't return for a second series next year.

The 47-year-old actor - who portrays loveable fool Pete Gifford in the comedy - has teased that bosses are currently in discussions about giving the go-ahead for another batch of episodes and he's convinced there will be uproar if they decide against it.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Monday (10.10.16), he said: "I think there would be uproar if there wasn't (another series) ... Obviously on the ratings and the viewing figure, it's in a strong position but I haven't had the emperor's thumbs up yet."

And, although he's really pushing for another installment, the star is hoping that writers decide to keep his alter ego on screen.

He explained: "I'd like to think so [bosses want him back] - I'd do it. I'm sure we all would. We love to do it and I think it shows."

The drama has received rave reviews since it returned to screens in September following a 13-year hiatus and, in particular, John's portrayal of his character Pete's debilitating battle with depression has been flooded with appraisal.

He said: "People say depression hasn't been portrayed accurately before until this. Mike Bullen [the writer] has written his personal story. He went through depression and put pen to paper, so my biggest challenge was to do it justice for Mike's sake. What I realise now is that I've been depressed. There's clinical depression and circumstantial depression- so I drew on those personal experience but I felt I owed it to mike as the master behind the story to do it as real as possible."

And despite the positive comments he's received off the back of it, John really struggled to delve outside of his comic comfort zone.

He explained: "He's [Pete] always been the fool for the gags with light relief and this time around they thought let's give John a bit of a challenge with the storyline and it was a challenge. The comedy comes naturally. It's my pedigree really. I mean I am an actor but I'm used to the comedy. So to play this was for me more fun."

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