Thandie Newton wanted to 'retire' from acting before Westworld

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  • 10 October 2016
Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton wanted to "retire" from acting before landing her role in 'Westworld', because acting enables her to pay the rent and her children's school fees

Thandie Newton wanted to "retire" from acting before landing her role in 'Westworld'.

The 43-year-old actress - who plays the role of Maeve Millay in the drama - has admitted prior to being cast in the hit series she was considering finding an alternative career, although she knew another job wouldn't find an "amazing job" like acting, which has enabled her to afford to pay her rent and school fees for her children.

Speaking at New York Comic Con, which has since been reported on, she said: "I almost got to the point where I kind of wanted to retire - no really - and do something else, but it's hard to find something else like this that's going to give you money for the rent and for the school fees. It's tough. It's an amazing job. "

And Newton - who has daughters Ripley, 15, Nico, 11, and two-year-old son Booker with her husband and film maker OI Parker - has revealed 'Westworld' has made her feel she is "satisfying a good contribution to the world".

The 'The Pursuit of Happyness', explained: "In terms of satisfying a good contribution to the world, it's difficult. Until 'Westworld'.

"'Westworld', every day, I'm contributing not only to making the world better but also healing bits of me that have been affected as a woman, as a woman of colour."

And the brunette beauty believes having to film in the nude "almost every day" for her portrayal as a madam of the underworld, has enabled her to address and respond to political, cultural and feminist issues prevalent in society.

She explained: "Here I was taking centre stage. Here I was naked on set almost every day. Here I was able to actually challenge and deal with the objectification of women."

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