Solange tops Billboard 200 chart

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  • 10 October 2016
Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles has topped the Billboard 200 chart with 'A Seat at the Table', keeping Bon Iver's '22, A Million' off the top spot

Solange Knowles has topped the Billboard 200 chart with 'A Seat at the Table'.

The 30-year-old singer kept Bon Iver's '22, A Million' off the number one spot, after selling 72,000 digital-only albums, ahead of Bon Iver's 71,000.

Solange and her sister Beyonce, who topped the charts with 'Lemonade' earlier this year, now join an exclusive club of siblings who have both had number one albums. Others include Michael and Janet Jackson, and Master P and his brother Silkk the Shocker.

And they become the first siblings to both have number one albums in the same year since Michael and Janet reached the top spot in 2001 with 'Invincible' and 'All For You' respectively.

Solange and Beyonce's proud mother Tina took to Instagram after the record was released, to praise her youngest daughter.

She wrote: "I'm sorry Solange I'm a let you finish , but I have to say that I have to finish and Beyonce and myself and Kelly and Angie have often had conversations about you saying "we will cherish the day that the world knows how talented and creative and amazing an artist you are"! I do believe that the day has arrived thank you Almighty God!!! You are-awesome and thank you to all the fans who supported this record you are awesome also !! (sic)."

Meanwhile, Solange recently said that there are similarities between her new record and 'Lemonade', which she believes is due to them growing up around the same influences.

She said: "We have the same mother and the same father. We grew up in the same household, and so we had and heard the same conversations. It shouldn't be surprising that two people who grew up in the same household with the same parents who are very, very aware - just like everyone else is - of all of the inequalities and the pain and suffering of our people right now, would create art that reflects that."

And she revealed how proud she is of her 35-year-old sister, saying: "I'm really proud of my sister and I'm really proud of her record and her work and I've always been."

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