Emily Blunt: 'Girl on the train is uncomfortable to watch'

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  • 9 October 2016
Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt wanted 'The Girl on the Train' to be "uncomfortable to watch" and she and director Tate Taylor worked to make it as brutal as possible

Emily Blunt wanted 'The Girl on the Train' to be "uncomfortable to watch".

The 33-year-old actress stars in the big-screen adaptation of Paula Hawkins' psychological thriller and says she and director Tate Taylor agreed to make it as "brutal" as possible.

She told The Sunday Times Culture magazine: "When I met Tate, we made a pact to make a film that goes to the real depths of despair, brutality to represent it in a way that was uncomfortable to watch. It shouldn't be a fun watch. My father [a barrister] defends criminals, so has seen every horrific thing under the sun, was shocked."

Although Emily loved working with Tate, she believes there are not enough female directors in Hollywood.

She said: "There should be more female directors, and those I've worked with, I've thoroughly enjoyed being around. It's just a different approach ... There's a different camaraderie. It just is. So I don't think too much is made of the divide. I have noticed quite substantial differences between working with women and working with men.

"Tate absolutely loves women. Enjoys their company and likes their idiosyncrasies. It was a very female-heavy set. We had a female cinematographer, most importantly. Because this film is so visual, and told from a point of view so you needed someone who could emotionally tell a point of view with a camera."

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