Honey G isn't a novelty act

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 October 2016
Honey G

Honey G

'X Factor' hopeful Honey G thinks she has what it takes to become the next Pharell Williams

Honey G finds it "insulting" when people dismiss her as a novelty act.

The 35-year-old rapper is competing in the 'X Factor' live shows after being chosen by mentor Sharon Osbourne and, despite being ridiculed for her bizarre talent, she insists she isn't a "joke" but is a "massive innovator".

Honey - whose real name is Anna Guildford - said: "People don't think I have talent. These people are called haters.

"I find it really insulting when people say I'm a novelty act. This isn't a joke.

"I'm a massive innovator in the game right now.

"My fans come up to me everywhere I go. I was mobbed by about 30 schoolgirls on my high road. Everyone wants selfies with me."

Honey sees herself as being the female equivalent of Pharrell Williams and is expecting big things.

She said: "I'm not Jay Z, I'm not Missy Elliot, I'm not Nicki Minaj, I'm not Lil Wayne, I'm Honey G. I'd love to be Honey G all the time.

"I don't want to be considered as Anna Guildford. I want to be Honey G, the rap artist who made it big and sold out global tours. I truly believe I am the finished article - a producer as well as a rapper. I see myself like Pharrell."

And the aspiring singer is also hoping 'The X Factor' helps her find love.

She told heat magazine: "I'm single and lookiong for love. I want to get married and have kids soon my biological clock is ticking.

"I tried Tinder but I came off it. I'm not f***ing about, I'm looking for something serious.

"There are a couple of celebs I have my eye on. Hopefully 'The X Factor' will draw me to someone I could love."

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