Bobby Norris broke his finger after 'sprinting in the dark'

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  • 7 October 2016
Bobby Norris

Bobby Norris

Bobby Norris broke his finger and tore the ligaments in his foot after "sprinting in the dark"

Bobby Norris broke his finger and tore the ligaments in his foot after "sprinting in the dark".

The 30-year-old 'The Only Way Is Essex' star has revealed he was wheelchair bound during filming of 'The Only Way Is Marbs', which was filmed in the party destination in Marbella, Spain, because he got his foot "trapped" under a tree root when he was running one evening.

Speaking to BUILD Series London about the accident, the television personality said: "I had a little bit of a mare. So I was sprinting in the dark and think I got my foot trapped under like a tree root or over a log or something and I ended up ripping all my ligaments and breaking my finger.

"So we had a little blinged up wheelchair out in Marbs and now we've blinged up the crutches now we're back in Essex."

And the popular series, which is set to hit the screens on Sunday (09.10.16), has revealed snippets of what is in store for the spin-off series in the sunny climate, including Bobby struggling to get to grips with the mobility aid.

However, Bobby has revealed the second incident occurred because he "didn't realise" a wheelchair's wheels would get stuck in the sand.

Speaking about his tumble, he said: "Me and Gemma, we go for a bite to eat on the beach. A lovely day in Marbs, as you do. We went for a bit of paella, jug of sangria, soaking up the atmos.

"And I didn't realise that you couldn't use a wheel chair on sand. We tried and the wheels, it becomes a bit like sinking sand. And then I was like, going, going, gone. And yea, hit the deck."

Although Bobby has previously been filmed prancing around in a skimpy 'Schlong thong' in previous episodes, has revealed he has changed his ways and will "absolutely not" be caught in outrageous swimming garments in the forthcoming season because he is about "real swimwear".

He explained: "Absolutely not, no. I've turned 30 and I've turned a corner. This is kind of butch Bobby now. It's kind of had it's day now and I'm all up for a laugh and a joke, but no, I'm about real swimwear now.

"I brought the bling with my accessories this time."

Meanwhile, Bobby believes 'The Only Way Is Essex' is the best reality TV show because the cast are "more relatable".

He explained: "I think 'TOWIE' is a little more relatable. More every day, grounded people. In the sense of that I think 'Made in Chelsea' is a luxury, lavish lifestyle. It's amazing the lives that they live, but it is not everyday life not everyone can always relate to that."

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