Interview: Wolf Creek's John Jarrett – 'evil never dies'

Interview – Wolf Creek's John Jarrett: 'evil never dies'

L-R: John Jarratt and Peter Rossi / credit: Sam Oster

Aussie serial killer Mick Taylor is back in the new Wolf Creek TV series

Back in 2005 first time director Greg McLean unleashed a lean mean Australian horror movie on the world. Wolf Creek was a relentless mix of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Wake in Fright as a trio of backpackers were terrorised by a psychopathic serial killer in the outback. Mick Taylor was a sick and twisted creation brought to life by Aussie actor John Jarrett. He returned for a sequel and now there's a new TV series that continues his grisly story. Jarrett himself tells us more.

How did you first get involved with Wolf Creek?
Greg McLean saw me in a play ten years earlier. I played a hard arsed outback cop. He knew then I could play Mick Taylor.

What's the secret to playing a good serial killer?
The secret to playing anything is to have a rock solid backstory and the ability to act.

Why do you think the Australian outback makes such a good backdrop for a horror film?
It's magical, mysterious, ancient, vast and dangerous.

How did the Wolf Creek TV series first come about?
Greg McLean thought it was a good idea and he was right. He pitched it to Stan and Screentime and they loved the idea. Wolf Creek is a franchise, Stan (the new Ozzie streaming channel) wanted to establish itself with a bang and Wolf Creek was the right detonator for the explosion they were seeking.

Could you give us a brief synopsis of the show?
Mick wipes out an American family, a young woman [Lucy Fry] miraculously survives and she hunts Mick Taylor down to seek vengeance for her family.

Will there be another series?
I bloody hope so!!

Wolf Creek 3 has already been announced, is there anything you can tell us about the film?
Yeah: 'evil never dies.'

What are you working on next?
A monster film called Boar and a five-part documentary series on the Australian film industry called Wake in Film.

Wolf Creek: The Complete First TV Series is available on Digital HD from Fri 6 Oct and DVD and Blu-ray on Mon 10 Oct.

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