Katie Price taking break from Loose Women

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  • 7 October 2016
Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price has announced she is taking a break from 'Loose Women' to have therapy and work on her marriage to Kieran Hayler

Katie Price has announced she is taking a break from 'Loose Women' to work on her marriage to Kieran Hayler.

The former glamour model will spend a month off the ITV daytime show to have therapy with Kieran to resolve some outstanding issues relating to his extra-marital affairs with two of her best friends.

Katie had to talk about Kieran's betrayal with her best friend Jane Pountney at length while promoting her new autobiography 'Reborn' and she admits the experience has re-opened a lot of old wounds which need healing from 2014.

During her appearance on the panel on Friday (07.10.16), she said: "I thought I was over it [the affair] but obviously it's opened it up again, having to talk about it. I thought I dealt with it but when I look back I was concentrating on the babies and and I was numb from when it all happened.

"I was contracted [to do the book tour] so obviously you have to do certain things, so whenever I was asked questions I was trying to bat them off with the good stuff, I'm quite good at putting up a defence but I just couldn't do it with this - I was getting asked questions like, 'The moment you saw them on the beach, what was it like?' It's something that I just don't want to relive again, it's something that's been awful, torture. I haven't got any more tears to cry, my heart is shattered, it's broken, it's nowhere near healed. I haven't got no tears."

Admitting her revelations about her own feelings have been difficult for Kieran to process, she added: "It's also been hard for Kieran, he's changed in two-and-a-half years, he's had his therapy, and then we've got the book out again and he's having to relive what kind of person he was. And I'm having to relive it with a fresh mind, I haven't just had a baby and think, 'Oh my god, this is really what he did to me.' "

Katie and Kieran - who have two children, Jett, three and Bunny, two, together - are going to have therapy together.

The 38-year-old star insists the professional help is more for reassurance rather than to solve any specific problem.

Katie - who has three other children from previous relationships - explained: "We are [having therapy together], not because there's anything with our relationship ... we are going to see a therapist to reassure us both that we're fine, we've been through all of that so we can get through this. Throughout my life I've never sat down and spoke about it, I'm always, 'It's fine...' "

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