Roger Daltrey: The Quadrophenia follow-up is a nonsense

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  • 7 October 2016
Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey

Rock icon Roger Daltrey has claimed plans to make a 'Quadrophenia' follow-up have become a "nonsense"

Roger Daltrey thinks plans to make a 'Quadrophenia' follow-up have become a "nonsense".

The 72-year-old Who singer, whose band's rock opera inspired the original movie, has blasted the idea of remaking the cult classic.

He said: "It's just someone fishing to make some money. It becomes a nonsense."

The original movie centred on the rivalry between gangs of mods and rockers in 60s Brighton.

But Roger does not think that a follow-up set in the present day would do the original movie justice.

The Who star told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The whole point of 'Quadrophenia' was that it was a moment in time captured in a film.

"That moment in time is gone. It doesn't matter what those characters are doing now. It was about what we all went through at that age."

Earlier this year, Roger described plans to make a 'Quadrophenia' follow-up as "opportunist".

He said: "It's just a money-making exercise.

"'Quadrophenia' stands on its own and is an iconic film. We haven't given this project our blessing.

"If someone wants to make a new film about mods, that's up to them, but they can't use our characters and trade off our creation by calling it an authorised sequel, which it is not. It seems a bit opportunist."

The much-discussed new movie is based on Peter Meadows' book 'To Be Someone', which was inspired by the original film.

It will feature Toyah Wilcox, Mark Wingett, Trevor Laird and Phil Daniels, all of whom starred in the original.

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