Steve McFadden wants Phil to live on

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  • 5 October 2016
Steve McFadden at the Inside Soap Awards

Steve McFadden at the Inside Soap Awards

Steve McFadden hopes the liver transplant storyline isn't the end of his 'EastEnders' character Phil Mitchell and he gets to stay on after 27 years on the BBC One soap

Steve McFadden is hoping Phil's liver transplant isn't going to be the end of the character on 'EastEnders',

The 57-year-old actor's alcoholic alter ego is to undergo the operation to save his life from liver cirrhosis with his son Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid) donating his organ for the surgery.

Phil is keeping his fingers crossed that the writers make the op a success as he doesn't want to leave Walford after 27 years on the BBC One soap.

In an interview with the, he said: "I do know that actors get concerned about the future and want to know what's happening six months in advance. So there is the temptation to want certain types of storylines. But I've always opened my arms to the nature of soaps - you don't know the end until you get to the end.

"I'm hoping it's not the end for Phil. I'm hoping he's going to stay sober and that all goes well. Although, of course, happy endings are only ever temporary in soaps."

Steve was recognised for his incredible performances on the show this year when he won the Best Actor accolade at the Inside Soap Awards this week.

After so many years on the series, the TV stalwart insists he still gets on set with the same drive to deliver great scenes as he did when he began life on 'EastEnders' as part of the Mitchell family with Grant (Ross Kemp) and Peggy (Dame Barbara Windsor).

He said: "I try and do a good job every day, even if it's just the smallest scene."

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