Drive-By Argument - Drive-By Argument (4 stars)

Drive-By Argument - Drive-By Argument

(Lizard King)


Who says you don’t get anything out of further education these days? This quintet formed as part of a college course and rather than that eternal sound of compromise, they came up with this: throbbing Altern-8 keyboard riffs carousing with rattling guitars and huffing disco beats all overlaid with a pretty fantastic voice. Singer Stoke sounds somewhere between an in-tune Robert Smith or a Celtic Adam Duritz, his voice layered with a kind of pleading that could be whiny but stays on the right side of heartbreaking.

They don’t stray very far from the successful formula established on their startlingly good early single ‘Sex Lines and Expensive Comedy’: but, a bit like if The Bravery had got it right, their relentless swagger is thoroughly addictive.

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