Mikey North to have a son

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  • 4 October 2016
Rachael and Mikey

Rachael and Mikey North

Mikey North has revealed he and wife Rachael are expecting a baby boy

Mikey North and his wife are expecting a baby boy.

The 'Coronation Street' actor - who plays Gary Windass in the soap - was "too impatient" to wait for his spouse Rachael to give birth in November, so the couple found out the sex of their child during a hospital visit.

Mikey said: "I'm too impatient! We found out the baby was a boy."

The happy couple only got married in January, and the 30-year-old actor is convinced they conceived on their wedding night.

He told the new issue of OK! magazine: "Judging by the date that the baby's due, we think we conceived on our wedding night! Which I do remember - just about!

"We are really fortunate. We weren't expecting it to happen as soon as it did."

And Mikey's experiences of being a first-time father-to-be has helped him connect with his 'Corrie' alter ego a bit more.

He said: "In a storyline with my kid Jake on 'Corrie', I went to the scan. It was all about how amazing the experience was. I wasn't sure, but when you do it with your own child it's amazing. To see this little person growing is incredible."

One thing the couple are hoping their son doesn't inherit from his dad is the actor's sleepwalking habit.

Mikey said: "The other night I went to sleep in the spare room, so as to not to disturb Rach, and I woke up in the street wrapped up in a duvet.

"I'd managed to turn off the burglar alarm before I got out of the house, too."

Rachael added: "Let's hope this one doesn't take after his dad!"

The couple are now making plans for the baby's birth, but it seems Mikey doesn't quite know what to expect.

Rachael said: "I'd like to have a water birth. Quite a lot of my friends have done that and it sounds relaxing. Although I'm sure it's probably not!"

Mikey added: "I've asked if I should take my trunks with me!"

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