Outhouse - Outhouse (4 stars)

Outhouse - Outhouse



LOOP collective alumni Outhouse take their name from the garden shed-cum-studio in which they developed their freely improvised approach to contemporary jazz, using compositions as frameworks for free exploration of the musical material. The quartet is fronted by two saxophonists, Robin Finckler (tenor and clarinet) and Mark Hanslip (tenor), with Johnny Brierley on bass and Dave Smith at the drums.

If Ornette Coleman and the New York Downtown scene are obvious influences, they music is equally indicative of an exploratory spirit that has developed on the London scene in the current decade, building on earlier UK improv work but with a palpable contemporary edge, although Outhouse’s approach feels less directly rock/punk influenced than the likes of Acoustic Ladyland or Led Bib. Guests Jeanne Addad and Kaw Secka chip in on voice and tama respectively, and even at slow tempo the energy and invention rarely falters.

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