Moby retires from touring

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 October 2016


Moby has revealed he will "never tour again" because he hates life on the road

Moby has announced he will never tour again.

The dance music star is getting ready to release his 13th studio album 'These Systems Are Failing' later in October which he has recorded with The Void Pacific Choir.

However, any fans looking forward to seeing Moby, 51, live once the record is out will be disappointed as he has no intention of ever playing a show again because he hates life on the road.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: "Most musicians put out a record with the intent of touring and my intention is to never tour again as long as I live because I hate touring. I love playing music but going to the same airports and the same hotels and the law of diminishing returns, as you age you play smaller venues and you try and play new songs but the audience just want to hear the hits which I understand because when I go to see middle-aged musicians, I want to see the hits."

Moby - real name Richard Hall - previously revealed touring left him with numerous health issues such as "depression and insomnia".

The 'Find My Baby' hitmaker believes the gruelling touring schedule of most musicians is what makes them turn to alcohol and drugs.

Moby - who is teetotal said: "I've never gone on a tour and not experienced anxiety, depression and insomnia. In the early days, it seemed like a small price to pay. But at this point in my life, I can't in good conscious punish myself and my body and my mental health out of obligation to go on tour.

"[Planes and tour buses] are unhealthy, toxic spaces, to pretend otherwise is why so many touring musicians become alcoholics and addicts and eventually die. If you look at the mortality rates of people who tour, it is an incredibly dangerous profession - people die really young."

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