Various - Sub Club: 20 Years Underground (4 stars)

Various - Sub Club: 20 Years Underground



To continue the Sub Club’s 20th birthday celebrations, Subculture’s Harri and Domenic and Optimo’s Twitch and Wilkes (the Subbie’s longest-serving residents) have been invited to compile an album which reflects the music policy that has made the venue a counter cultural institution in Scotland. Rather than attempting to capture the pandemonium of a night in the Sub Club, the DJs have chosen to create an album which celebrates the eclecticism and the liberated attitude that has given the club such longevity.

On the album’s first disc, Harri and Domenic embark on a voyage through the deepest house and most soulful techno, a euphoric chug of impeccably chosen tracks, including classics by Carl Craig and Derrick May. Twitch & Wilkes’ disc revels in the wilful weirdness for which Optimo has become legendary, beginning with the familiar pummel of Jeff Mills’ ‘The Bells’ before segueing into an hour of strung-out esoterica; obscure, oblique but unremittingly funky.

Far from being a simple exercise in nostalgia, 20 Years Underground succeeds in poetically documenting the thrilling, beautiful music that has soundtracked (and sometimes changed) the lives of generations of Sub Clubbers, a captivating reminder of how seductive club music can be.

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