Alabama 3 - Hits And Exit Wounds (4 stars)

Alabama 3

(One Little Indian)


Most people when thinking of Alabama 3 will come up with one song: ‘Woke Up This Morning’, the theme tune to The Sopranos. This thorough retrospective of their ensemble’s six-album career will hopefully put the record straight as to the breadth of their skills, showcasing 18 fun-fuelled, drug-induced dirges.

Messrs Larry Love and Scots-born The Very Reverend Dr D Wayne Love somehow successfully fuse those unlikely bedfellows techno country, all from their back porch in, er, Brixton! The self-explanatory ‘Hello . . . I’m Johnny Cash’ is a hoot, while echoes of early Alex Harvey come courtesy of Jerry Reed’s old nugget, ‘Amos Moses’. And if ‘U Don’t Danse to Tekno Anymore’ (another gem cut) then they’ll happily sort you out.

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