Alexander Skarsgard thinks his life is 'still s**t'

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  • 2 October 2016
Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard thinks his life is "still s**t" because he doesn't know where he "belongs" and if he should be in the film industry

Alexander Skarsgard thinks his life is "still s**t".

The 40-year-old actor has admitted he is "incredibly grateful" for the career opportunities he has had, but still thinks his life is rubbish because he doesn't know what he is doing with his life and is clueless about where he "belongs" in the world.

Speaking about his career and existence, he said: "I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunities I get. Getting drunk on someone else's dime listening to Abba is brilliant, but my life is still s**t. I'm still agonising. What the f**k am I doing with my life? Where do I belong? Who gives a f**k? Let me assure you, it doesn't get any better."

And the 'The Legend of Tarzan' star - who starred in the TV film 'The Dog That Smiled' at the young age of 12 years old - has revealed he didn't want to be famous when he was growing up and was desperate to be "normal" and just "blend in" with other teenagers his age, which led him to take revenge on his family and enrol into the Swedish militia seven years later.

He explained: "I was desperate to be normal and blend in. That was my way to rebel."

Meanwhile, the blonde-haired hunk - who has been cast as Detective Terry Monroe in 'War on Everyone' - has revealed he was "excited" to film the comedy movie.

Speaking about the production to The Guardian newspaper, he said: "It's so un-PC, it's so me.

"You could tell [director] John [Michael McDonagh] didn't give a f**k about anything, which I found refreshing in a script. I'd read a couple of comedies but nothing that was fun or intelligent enough. When I got this script and it was dark and twisted and weird and completely out there, I was excited.

"[John is] a beautiful soul, which helps when you insult everyone."

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