Bradley Walsh is 'wonderful' to work with

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  • 1 October 2016
Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh has been "wonderful" to work with, according to Anne Hegerty

Bradley Walsh has been "wonderful" to work with, according to Anne Hegerty.

The 58 year old, who has been a chaser on the ITV game show 'The Chase' since 2010 - has praised the show for its success, as well as the programme's host and has admitted the funny man is a delight to work with.

Speaking to The Sun Online about the series, which sees four contestants go against one chaser and answer a variety of questions in a battle to get home and win money - said: "I love the show so much, it's great to do and Bradley [Walsh] is wonderful to work with."

But in fear of leaving out her other colleagues, Anne has admitted she also "loves" all the other chasers, including Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace and Paul Sinha.

She added: "I love all the other chasers, we have so much fun."

And Anne has revealed the British daytime show has overthrown 'The Eggheads' in terms of earnings.

She said: "There was a time we used to earn less money than 'The Eggheads' but now we earn more!"

However, Anne has hinted there is no rival between 'The Chase' and the team on the BBC quiz show, which has been aired for over 13 years since it launched in 2003, and she has revealed she even classes some of the intellects as her "friends".

She said: "I'm friends with some of the eggheads."

Meanwhile, Anne has revealed she has high hopes for the future of 'The Chase' and is desperate for the popular programme to go "on and on", because she wants there to be "more opportunities" on television.

She explained: "I want our shows to go on and on. The more opportunities there are on TV the better."

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