Nick Knowles ends 10-year BBC deal

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  • 30 September 2016
Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles has ended his 10-year golden handcuffs deal with the BBC as he wants to make more money elsewhere

Nick Knowles has ended his golden handcuffs deal with the BBC.

The 54-year-old presenter has been with the corporation for the past 10 years and while he is still a fan of the BBC, he wants to earn more money elsewhere.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I could work for ITV, Channel 4 or Sky and get four times the amount of money.

"From a presenter's point of view, do I stay at the BBC and earn less or go and earn a lot more? It's not just how much you're earning but how long are you in the public eye providing for your family. I've got a two-year-old son.

"I've been exclusive to the BBC for 10 years. This year I'm now able to - and will - make shows with other channels."

The 'DIY SOS' star says he's excited about the future and what it holds.

He revealed: "I've got some great programmes coming up on other channels. It's a really exciting time," he insists. Plus, I'm spending a lot of time making movies, so that's keeping me busy."

Nick is also very annoyed that the salaries of the BBC's main stars will be made public next year, which he believes will lead to claims many are overpaid.

He added: "The difficulty is that as a presenter I could get four times the amount or stay at the BBC and be told that I'm earning too much.

"So why would the presenters stay? If I can earn in two years what I would earn in eight at the BBC, wouldn't it be better to secure my son's future?"

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