Ryan Tedder on Adele's 'unused' hits

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  • 30 September 2016
Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder says Adele has lots of music she didn't use on her latest LP that could be major hits

Ryan Tedder has revealed Adele has potentially "massive" hits waiting to be used.

The 37-year-old hitmaker worked on the British songstress' latest LP '25' with songwriter to the stars Max Martin and says there were loads of tracks the 28-year-old 'Hello' hitmaker decided not to include on the record.

Speaking to The Times newspaper, he said: "She [Adele] passed on a lot of hits for this album [25].

"Max Martin and I are both sitting on songs that could be massive. This the power of Adele and Beyonce: When you can cast aside hit after hit in exchange for pure honesty."

The OneRepublic frontman also said that he won't work with just anyone.

He said: "I only work with people I genuinely listen to or like.

"Even if I'm not a card-carrying album-buyer of them, if I admire their talent, then I'll make it happen."

The hunky tunesmith previously admitted he found it "difficult" to produce Adele's music because everything she does sounds like "a hit."

He explained: "It's difficult to produce Adele because everything she sings sounds like a hit, so it's a lot harder on the songwriting process. She could sing 'Feliz Cumpleaños' in Spanish and somehow you go: 'That is probably a top 10'.

"Her voice is that damn good. So you have to be harder on yourself and the songs, because her voice will convince you that what you're writing is better than it is."

Meanwhile, Blur frontman Damon Albarn recently said he also has music he made for Adele, which she rejected, and he may use it for himself.

When asked if he plans on using material recorded with the singer/songwriter, he said: "I never waste anything."

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