Jon Clark drops one stone in weight over 10 days

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 September 2016
Jon Clark before (L) and after (R)

Jon Clark before (L) and after (R)

Jon Clark has lost 14 pounds in weight after working out for 11 hours for 10 days solid, in a bid to shed his "lumpy" tummy in preparation for the pool parties in Marbella

The Only Way is Essex's Jon Clark has lost 14 pounds in 10 days.

The 27-year-old star embarked on a gruelling 11-hour workout regime everyday for almost two weeks as he wanted to make sure he looked his best while shooting the forthcoming spin-off 'The Only Way is Marbs' in Marbella, Spain.

Speaking about his healthy overhaul, the dark haired hunk said: "I've just turned 27, so I can see 30 on the horizon and I knew I had to get back in shape."

The hunk piled on the pounds following a few too many boozy sessions and picking up greasy grub afterwards.

He explained: "It's getting harder and harder these days to look buff and I've been partying way too much and eating badly. I've been getting loads of nightclub PAs and when you get there there's an unlimited supply of beers and vodka and before you know it, it's late and I've had seven bottles of beer and a load of vodkas and then on the way home there's a take-away KFC, McDonald's or Domino's.

"I try not to give in but after the third service station in a row offering late night food I normally cave in and eat at 3am just before going to bed."

The reality TV star - who was the runner up on the revamped 'Love Island' in 2015, which saw him fall head over heels for glamour model Hannah Elizabeth - has revealed he felt too embarrassed to walk around without a top on and felt he had to cover his "lumpy" tummy.

He explained: "Before I came to No 1 Boot Camp [in Norfolk] there's no way I would have been walking around with my top off. I was looking a bit lumpy around the tummy and my pecs were non-existent. It was hardest 10 days of my life but well worth it. Now I am ready for the new series."

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