Joe Jonas was scared of streaming

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  • 28 September 2016
Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas used to think the shift in popularity from physical albums to streaming was "scary" but now he realises it's "exciting" as his music has a far bigger reach

Joe Jonas used to think music streaming was "scary".

The DNCE singer admits he was wary of changes in the music industry that saw physical albums decline in popularity thanks to services such as Spotify, but now thinks the current situation is "exciting" because his songs can reach more people than ever before.

He said: "[The shift] was scary for a lot of artists because we weren't sure where the music industry was going.

"But to say we have songs that have been played over 200 million times is pretty unreal. We figured out that it's not scary, it's actually exciting because you can find ways to connect with your audience."

Before forming DNCE, Joe found fame with siblings Kevin and Nick in the Jonas Brothers and is thankful the current climate within the music industry has allowed him to reinvent himself.

He said: "[I wanted to form another band during Jonas Brothers] but the time never seemed right.

"[I'm thankful] we've come to a place where you can re-create yourself in the music industry."

And Joe explained in a discussion with Spotify global head of artist services Mark Williamson that DNCE had used automated feedback from the site to determine the songs that would appear on his group's upcoming self-titled debut album.

In return, Mark shared some statistics with Joe, such as Mexico City having the band's most fans and their female-male fan base being a surprising 57:43.

The 27-year-old singer had guessed 80:20 and quipped: "Wow, thanks guys."

The 'Cake By the Ocean' hitmaker insisted the statistics, such as which tracks are popular in certain regions, are very "useful" for the group.

Speaking on stage at New York Advertising Week on Tuesday (27.09.16), he said: "Those tools are useful for us. We just got back from touring Mexico and we have a song, 'Jinx,' and they know every word. It's massive in Mexico."

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