Fun Palaces – where arts, science and fun collide

Fun Palaces – where arts, science and fun collide

Stella Duffy, co-director of Fun Palaces and Lewis Hou, Fun Palaces ambassador for Scotland explain why we should all be visiting a fun palace

The campaign that declares 'Everyone an Artist, Everyone a Scientist' is back for another weekend of fun on 1 and 2 October. Stella Duffy, co-director of Fun Palaces and Lewis Hou, Fun Palaces ambassador for Scotland, told us what's in store.

What is a Fun Palace and why should we be visiting one?
'Fun Palaces is a national campaign that aims to celebrate culture at the heart of every community. It has a weekend of action each October during which over 250 Fun Palaces pop up across the UK and globally. We support volunteers, venues and organisations everywhere to make their own Fun Palaces – free and fun arts and science events that celebrate each unique community and the skills and interests of the individuals within it. By visiting a Fun Palace you can participate in arts and science themed activities – there's something for everyone.'

Sounds fun, who can get involved?
'The short answer: everyone! There are Fun Palaces events in Scotland for all ages, arts and science activities aren't only for children and young people!'

And what can we do there?
'The Curiosity Forest Fun Palace in Edinburgh will be full of stories, activities and games based on scientific research. At Leith Labs at Ocean Terminal, Leith everyone is welcome to join in the tea, biscuits and discussions going throughout the weekend, meet the scientists-in-residence and science buskers and get hands-on with workshops exploring the arts, digital skills and local history.'

Why is the connection between the arts and science so important?
Arts and science are equally part of culture, and everyone should feel like they can be part of it, our motto is 'everyone an artist, everyone a scientist'. By collaborating with arts and sciences in Fun Palaces, we can promote learning with others and getting creative together in our communities.'

Can anyone run a Fun Palace?
'Yes! Fun Palaces is about being active makers of arts, sciences and learning and everyone can be involved.

Fun Palaces come in all sizes, and even last minute, you can always start small the first time, and then grow into bigger events for the next year. Find out more about making a Fun Palace at

Fun Palaces weekend, various venues, Sat 1 & Sun 2 Oct.

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