Margot Robbie's career highlight is working with Martin Scorsese

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  • 27 September 2016
Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie's career highlight was working with Martin Scorsese on 'The Wolf of Wall Street' in 2013 because he treated her like an "equal"

Margot Robbie's career highlight was working with Martin Scorsese on 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

The 26-year-old actress - who played Leonardo DiCaprio's on-screen wife Naomi Lapaglia, which was based on Nadine Caridi, in the biographical comedy crime film - has admitted starring in the 2013 film and being directed by the 73 year old has been the best moment in her career so far because he treated her like "an equal".

Speaking about her favourite working moment to, she said: "Probably working with Martin Scorsese is pretty high up there. The first chat I had with Marty on set he really spoke to me as an equal. It wasn't like: 'Oh she's the new kid on the block, let me impart some knowledge'. He was conversing with me like a colleague he's had for 25 years. When he was asking me about films he wasn't presuming I hadn't seen them because I was young. He was like: 'You know that German film that was made in the Twenties?'. And I was like: 'How on earth would I know?' but that meant the world to me that he showed me a similar respect to that he'd show people he had worked with for decades."

Meanwhile, the Australian-born star - who has been living in London with her boyfriend Tom Ackerley for three years - has admitted she misses her home town down under and would like to go back to visit her friends and family, although her busy schedule makes it difficult for her to get enough time off.

The 'Suicide Squad' star explained: "[Australia] is a totally different lifestyle. It's just like everyone imagines Australia - it's so outdoorsy. I miss waking up and being like: 'What are we going to do today? Let's go out to the rock pools or let's go to the beach or ooh, someone's having a farm party!' And I miss the weather for sure. The sun, but I also miss the thunderstorms - in the summer, every afternoon there's a wicked thunderstorm.

"I don't get to go back as much as I'd like - it's just so hard to get the time off. Sometimes I'll go for one day - so a day of flying, one day there, a whole day back - but now I'm getting a little older I am not bouncing back from that journey as easily."

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