Preview: Strugglefest

Preview: Strugglefest

Steven Hill / credit: Sean Campbell

Struggletown Records owner Steven Hill discusses the past, present and future of the label

Glasgow-based Struggletown Records has become something of an institution since emerging in 2011. Label owner Steven Hill's ethos when it comes to the label and his yearly all-dayer, Strugglefest, is that it is 'all about bringing together the best independent local and touring bands together under one roof.'

Over the five years since its inception, the label has become a benchmark for quality DIY shows in Glasgow and releasing consistently excellent music, bringing together the best in indie, alternative and punk music from across Scotland, the UK and even further afield in touring American and European bands.

This year is the third annual festival, and Hill is hoping for the biggest and best Strugglefest yet, as, for the first time, the event features American headliners – in the shape of Dowsing and Ratboys who are on tour from Chicago – as well as London's Losing Sleep, Ireland's Anna's Anchor and a host of young Scottish talent.

'Improving on previous years is making more people aware of Strugglefest,' says Hill. 'Each year has had a bigger crowd so hopefully that carries on with more ambitious line-ups.'

Hill has fond memories of the festival so far, particularly the time that 'a very drunk frontman of last year's opening act Any Last Words telling me he's been to hundreds of all-days and hated them all but that was one of the best days of his life.'

Speaking about the future of the festival and label, Hill says, 'I'm looking forward to having a bit of a rethink on how we work the label next year. Stripping things back a bit and hopefully making it more effective, perhaps branching out into hand-pressed printed things, like zines, more regularly and encompassing that aspect into what we do.'

Strugglefest takes place at Audio, Glasgow, Sat Oct 1.


All-dayer organised by Glasgow's Struggletown Records, with Dowsing, Ratboys, Losing Sleep, Lovers Turn To Monsters, Sad Blood, Anna's Anchor, and others.

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