The Eagles hint at reunion with Glenn Frey's son

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  • 27 September 2016
The Eagles

The Eagles

The Eagles' Don Henley has said he would consider reforming the rock group if the late Glenn Frey's son agreed to sing for them

The Eagles may reform if Glenn Frey's son agrees to front his late father's band.

The 'Get Over It' frontman sadly passed away in January at the age of 67, and the band's last performance came a month later at the Grammys.

However, drummer Don Henley has hinted that a reunion could be on the cards, but only if Deacon Frey, 22, decides to sing in Glenn's place.

Sticksman Don, 69, said: "At some point in the future, we might work our way round to that. You know, Glenn has a song who can sing and play.

"And one of the only things that would make sense to me is if it were his son."

In the past Glenn - who also had Otis, 13, and Taylor, 24, with his spouse Cindy - had let Deacon join the band on stage to showcase his own vocal talents.

Don also hasn't ruled the possibility of former bandmates

Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh and Jackson Browne rejoining the group in the future.

However, the only way there will be any kind of reunion is if Deacon agrees to step up to his legendary father's place.

In an interview with Canada's Montreal Gazette, he said: "With Jackson, of course, we could do 'Take It Easy' and a couple of other things, but the only way I would consider any kind of reunion, I think, would be with Glenn's son, Deacon."

However, Don admitted that the group are still "healing" following the death of their bandmate - who lost his life in New York after battling against various intestinal issues - and hadn't had a discussion about the possibility of getting back together.

He said: We're still going through the healing process - trying to get through all this. And those are things that might happen somewhere down the road.

"But right now everybody's doing the solo thing."


1. Dee Willoughby27 Sep 2016, 8:56pm Report

No Glenn-No Eagles. It is as simple as that. Who's kidding who? Been a follower since the Roxy days. No Glenn - NO EAGLES.

2. Mark Desjardins29 Sep 2016, 12:07am Report

I think this would be a great idea - as longs as The Eagles waited a year or two out of respect for Glenn Frey. We must realize that there is a possibility that Glenn's son may not want to accept this quasi-invitation by Henley.

IT would be great if they keep original lead guitarist Bernie Leadon in the line-up for any possible Eagles reunion. Glenn Frey's career as an Eagle and solo performer was amazing. This is a link to the most detailed article about Glenn's achievements that I have read since his tragic death. The article points out that it all started when Glenn attended two Beatles concerts in the same day in Detroit in 1964. This is the link:

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