Meat Loaf: I'm the most boring person alive

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  • 25 September 2016
Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf

Actor and singer Meat Loaf has claimed he is "the most boring human being on the face of the earth"

Meat Loaf is "the most boring human being on the face of the earth".

The 68-year-old star recently raised concern among his fans after a slurry appearance on a BBC radio show - but the singer and actor has insisted it was simply the result of a swollen tongue and admitted to living a much more sedate lifestyle than the average entertainer.

He shared: "I don't drink, don't do drugs, don't go to clubs, I don't do any of that rock and roll stuff. I'm the most boring human being on the face of the earth."

The singer has, however, been dealing with severe pain in his back after pinching a nerve around his spine nine months ago.

Meat Loaf - whose real name is Michael Aday - admitted he is in agony whenever he stands up.

He told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "It's OK when I'm sitting but standing up's like being stabbed by Norman Bates in 'Psycho'. It's no fun."

Meat Loaf describes himself as "a cat with 48 lives" and is surprised that he hasn't been fatally injured given the number of near misses he has had through the years, which has included being hit by a shot putt thrown 62 feet.

He said: "Didn't even knock me out. Weird. I've fallen three stories, been in car wrecks, near misses, emergency landings so many times I should have died."

In June, he collapsed on stage while performing in Edmonton, Canada, because he was ill.

But Meat Loaf shrugs off the incident which attracted worldwide attention.

He explained: "I'd had the flu, I was dehydrated, I just needed to drink more water. I can't believe that story went around the world.

"I mean, I'd understand if it was like a small item in the Edmonton local paper. But you'd think people would have better things to do in England than writing about me falling over."

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