Phillip Schofield risks life filming bee segment

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  • 21 September 2016
Phillip Schofield Instagram (c)

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield Instagram (c)

Phillip Schofield put his life at risk by jumping into a beehive despite being allergic to the insect

Phillip Schofield risked his life by filming a segment about bees on 'This Morning' on Wednesday (21.09.16).

The 54-year-old presenter is allergic to bee and wasps' sting and put on a brave face as he and co-host Holly Willoughby donned beekeeper suits to catch some honey.

Phillip joked that Holly, 35, would have to save his life by injecting his bottom with an adrenaline pen to stop him going into anaphylactic shock if he happened to get stung.

Pointing to his backside, he laughed: "You'll have to inject me in the ... I can't do it myself if I have a reaction. Just promise me one thing, you won't do it on tele."

Phillip admitted that he felt a "wuss" because everyone else apart from him and Holly didn't wear the protective clothing.

Speaking on the ITV brunch-time show, he said: "I feel a wuss. Look at the crew, they're not even wearing suits."

Earlier this year, Phillip revealed he has developed a "serious" hypersensitivity to the insects.

He said: "I'm allergic to wasps and bee stings."

Phillip's allergy is so bad that he now has to carry an Epipen - a medical device used for injecting a measured dose of adrenaline - in case he gets struck by the insects and goes into a potentially fatal anaphylactic shock.

The host explained at the time: "If I get stung, I fall over and shake a lot, I have to carry an Epipen now. It's quite serious."

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