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This Issue: We Are the Physics

Comprising three Michaels, one Chris, more angles than a box of Rubik’s Cubes and a fascination for horror B-movies, meet self styled ‘mutant science punk rock’ Glasgow four piece We Are The Physics. Fusing Devo’s geekish proficiency to the all out loopy punch of Polysics, they’ve built a stop starting, shape throwing, robot dancing musical monster be reckoned with.

Bassist and frontman Michael M reveals the band’s spooky origins. We all met at the old Odeon cinema in Glasgow. Every year they used to do these Halloween Horror Nights, and we were all just sitting in the back row at one of them. I suppose that explains the B-movie thing.

‘Mutant science punk rock’ eh?

It kind of describes the music: spiky, hyper fast - a hybrid of styles. The science bit sums up how it’s all sort of mathematic.

Erratic leg movements, aggressive pointing . . . We Are The Physics’ live shows are some spectacle. How much practice does all that take?

It just comes with the music. We rehearse in a room that’s the size of a tiny bathroom, so it all just happens quite naturally. If you know the songs you can do the manoeuvres - it’s not like we’re going home and practicing them in front of the mirror or anything.

So many Michaels. That must get confusing.

Not for us, but for other people maybe. We make sure we say what we do after everyone’s names - Michael guitar, Michael drums and Michael bass. People always insist that we should be called The Michaels. You need to keep laughing.

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Tue 19 Dec. The single ‘Less Than Three’ is out now on One Records.

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