Matthew Wolfenden worried eyebrows won't grow back

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  • 21 September 2016
Matthew Wolfenden

Matthew Wolfenden

Matthew Wolfenden is concerned he'll be hairless forever after he shaved off his beard, head and eyebrows for his cancer storyline in 'Emmerdale'

Matthew Wolfenden is worried his eyebrows won't grow back after he shaved them off for his gripping cancer storyline in 'Emmerdale'.

The 36-year-old actor was forced to chop of his hair, get rid of his beard and wax off his eyebrows six months ago after his alter ego David Metcalfe - a role he's played on the soap for 10 years - was diagnosed with testicular cancer and went through chemotherapy.

But he has admitted, although he wanted to make the devastating storyline as real as possible, he was concerned he'll be hairless forever afterwards.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' on Wednesday (21.09.16), he said: "I'd heard horror stories from people who'd had their eyebrows shaved off like in drunken stupors at university and they'd never grown back. They're coming through -- if not, I'll just get them tattooed back on."

However, even if his hair does grow back over the next coming months, David may have to rock the look for another 10 years as he's just got a new passport.

He explained: "I had to have a new passport done.

"So for ten years now I've got that picture [with shaved head and eyebrows] on my passport. I know, for ten years and that's genuinely my passport -- I've got it with me today so you could take a photo. I might have to lose it at some point and get a new one!"

And, although he's happy with the hairless look for the time being, his fiancée Charley Webb, with whom he has sons Buster, six, and Bowie, 20 months, isn't completely sold on his new appearance.

He said: "She quite liked the bald head... It's when the stubble and eyebrows came off and everything came off.

"It's really striking once your eyebrows come off. You don't look like you anymore, a real change to your face -- she wasn't too keen on that!"

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