5 Things you might not know about - AL Kennedy

AL Kennedy

AL Kennedy

  1. The A stands for Alison, the L for Louise. She chose to go with the initials as she was keen on a certain degree of anonymity when starting out as a writer and her favourite authors as a kid were JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and EE Nesbitt.
  2. She doesn’t come across as being too happy with the way interviewers concentrate on how she looks and sounds when they meet her. Her website contains lots of pointed comments about her appearance with a pithy quote or two from Kennedy. To verdicts such as ‘she often seems pale to the point of translucence’ and ‘she is round-shouldered, blue-jeaned and a bare-faced small, hunched person,’ she generally replies: ‘must have been an off day.’ Mind you, she writes that when complimentary comments come her way as well, such as ‘her eyes were dazzling’ and ‘she is radiantly well-scrubbed looking.’
  3. Kennedy chose to enter the world of stand-up partly for the buzz of a live interaction with audiences that she doesn’t get from burrowing away in her bunker writing books and stuff. And she loves the sound of people laughing at the funny things she says.
  4. She whiles away some of her time watching DVDs of 9/11 conspiracy theories and Doctor Who.
  5. Her motto is ‘pursue perfection. It may pursue you back.’

The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 3 Jun; The Stand, Glasgow, Wed 4 Jun.

Wicked Wenches

A monthly foray into the blossoming world of female comedy, headed up by regular compere Susan Calman. Joining her are the very talented AL Kennedy, Carol Tobin and Susan Morrison.

Wicked Wenches

Regular host Susan Calman jollies up this evening which grants you access to some of the finest lady-comedy in the land. Tonight showcases the talents of Jo Enright, Wendy Wason, AL Kennedy and Katie Craig.


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