Preview: All that Glitters is a Maresnest

Preview: All that Glitters is a Maresnest

Cardiacs guitarist Kavus Torabi talks about cult concert film being screened as part of Scalarama

'It really is unlike any concert film I have ever seen, more like taking a mind altering drug or walking into a dream,' says Kavus Torabi of Knifeworld, Chrome Hoof, Guapo, Gong, and, of course, Cardiacs. He's talking about All That Glitters is a Maresnest, a concert film featuring the aforementioned Cardiacs, which will be screened as part of Scalarama 2016.

'I've never seen a film of a concert that seems to amplify the curious atmosphere and vibe so much. The arrival of Maresnest spawned obsessive viewing in which, like Withnail and I or This is Spinal Tap, inspired fans to learn every single line of dialogue. It is a thing of absolute wonder and beauty.'

Cardiacs, formed in 1977 and on indefinite hiatus since bandleader Tim Smith fell ill in 2008, are renowned for their eccentric, energetic live performances, perfectly captured in Maresnest, which was recorded at the peak of their vitality at Salisbury Arts Centre in 1990.

As for Torabi, he turned up a couple of years after Maresnest was released, first as fan, then guitar tech, then as pal, eventually joining the group on guitar.

'When Jon Poole, the previous player became too busy to continue with Cardiacs it just seemed like the obvious thing for me to join. I knew the music inside out,' he says. 'By the time I eventually joined I had worked on about a hundred or so Cardiacs shows and had spent my 20s making records and touring my own band, so it was a really easy transition.'

As well as the film screening, Torabi will be performing on the night, 'acoustic versions of various Knifeworld tunes and a few new songs I'm working on for a forthcoming solo album. Maybe a Monsoon Bassoon tune too,' he says. 'Doesn't sound too much like Cardiacs, mind. What does?'

Cardiacs: All that Glitters is a Maresneat + Kavus Torabi, Thu 22 Sep, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow.

Cardiacs: All That Glitters is a Maresnest + Kavus Torabi

Fundraising evening for Tim Smith, bandleader of Cardiacs, who has been in ill health since 2008. The night includes a screening of the concert film All That Glitters is a Maresnest, a recording of one of the band's legendary live gigs, plus guitarist Kavus Torabi playing live.

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