JoJo's abrasive album

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 September 2016


JoJo is planning to "shake people up" with her new music after including plenty of expletives in her tracks

JoJo has included plenty of expletives on her new album to "shake people up".

The 25-year-old star - who shot to fame with track 'Leave (Get Out)' when she was just 14 - has admitted she curses all the time when she is with her friends so didn't want to omit such language from her new record 'Mad Love', and thought her track 'F**k Apologies' was the best single to drop first.

She said: "I don't like censorship but we're going to radio as 'No Apologies'. I do understand.

"The idea behind it is I'm not going to make excuses for who I am, and if others don't like it they can go f**k themselves!

"I believe in using abrasive language to shake people up. I talk like a sailor in my personal life so I won't hide that."

The brunette star - who hasn't released an album since 2006 record 'The High Road' - has learnt a lot after more than a decade in the music industry, and is planning to be "more in control" of her music this time around.

She added to the Daily Star newspaper: "I've changed, I'm a young woman now as opposed to a teenager.

"I'm more in control and this time it will be different. I'm not chasing what I did back then, this isn't that.

"I've learnt so much about myself, I've learnt so much about the industry but I'm still figuring out how to navigate it.

"I'll always be learning, but things have changed - it was a long time ago."

JoJo - whose real name is Joanna Levesque - first released a self-titled album in 2004.

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