The Black Rabbit Whorehouse, The Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 23 May


Michael Mayer and Aksel Schaufler have both achieved more over the past decade than most producers and DJs will in their entire career. Mayer’s Kompakt Records has become one of the world’s most respected techno labels, and his 2003 Fabric 13 mix is widely considered to be one of the finest instalments in the seminal series. Schaufler, as Superpitcher, has been producing propulsive, throbbing classics like ‘Mushroom’ and his remix of The Quarks’ ‘I Walk’ that have appeared on many notable compilations including Mayer’s aforementioned Fabric set and Optimo’s How to Kill the DJ Part 2.

Mayer and Schaufler released their first collaborative works as Supermayer late last year. Challenging the po-faced austerity that characterises much contemporary techno music, promo single ‘Two of Us’, and their Supermayer Save the World album are progressive and psychedelic; grand conceits that have questioned the boundaries of the genre.

Supermayer is a concept band, formed apparently at the behest of a mysterious figure referred to as ‘Superbrain’. Portraying themselves as charmingly camp intergalactic superheroes, Supermayer describe their music as: ‘sexy, deep, dark and dangerous, sometimes a bit jolly.’ They are refreshingly unashamed to reference diverse musical influences. ‘We listen to a very wide range of genres,’ they explain. ‘Think of us as musical sponges: they play, we suck. Our recent favourites include Van Dyke Parks, Vampire Weekend, Neil Diamond, Donald Byrd and the deeper side of François de Roubaix.’ There is an amusingly goofy humility to Supermayer’s approach, but they have every confidence in their live show. ‘We’re re-defining the concept of multimedia. People will say, “We never thought humanity could do this”.’

Black Rabbit Whorehouse

Twitch and Wilkes are back paying homage to the sound known variously as 'glitch', 'microhouse' or (now) 'whorehouse'. With incredibly special guests Supermayer, aka Superpitcher and Michael Mayer.

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