Street Knowledge

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 24 May




Exactly how do you follow Manga? The much-loved night was perhaps the prime mover in establishing the Scottish drum & bass scene and has left a solid legacy on the world of clubbing. DJ Kid, the promoter behind new night Street Knowledge, thinks he knows how to better it.

So what sets Street Knowledge apart from its forbearer? ‘Firstly, there are no residents; Manga was heavily based around the residents,’ explains Kid. ‘Plus, the Cab’s got three different rooms so we can have different styles of music on.’ The night takes advantage of the extra space with a dubstep special in the second room while showcasing new D&B DJ talent in the luxurious Speakeasy.

Street Knowledge packs a mighty punch with opening night headliners in the shape of Fabio and Nicky Blackmarket. ‘With it being a new chapter in Scottish drum & bass I just thought “right, who’s not played for a while?” So I looked for two DJs with completely different styles,’ says Kid. ‘Nicky is one of the nicest people on the scene and he’s such an amazing party DJ, he’s what you would call a “crowd pleaser”. So I thought, well, Fabio, you know he’s going to give that wee bit more smoothness to the music.’ Kid also promises to bring up to Scotland all those big names that somehow never got a shot at Manga.

With plans afoot for a London leg it looks like Street Knowledge might be the next step in the evolution of drum & bass, not just in Scotland but across the UK.

Street Knowledge

The 'Drum & Bass Legends' series continues in style as Grooverider rocks the Liquid Room, support comes from DJ Kids, DJ Tez and the General.


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