X Factor's Ottavio Columbro to have gender transition?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 September 2016
Ottavio Columbro

Ottavio Columbro

X Factor's Ottavio Columbro is toying with the idea of having a gender transition but wants to focus on the singing show for the time being

'X Factor' hopeful Ottavio Columbro is "considering" a gender transition.

The 24-year-old singer - who reunited with best friend Bradley Hunt on the show after a month not speaking in a row over undercooked chicken - insists he hasn't yet made a "final decision" about undergoing the procedure.

Asked about reports he wants to transition, he said: "At the moment, I'm just focusing on 'The X Factor'.

"I have been considering things, yes, but I haven't come to any final decision yet."

Ottavio also admitted he wants something more than friendship with Bradley, but his pal isn't interested.

He said: "I've asked him out loads of times. I love Bradley. I've even grovelled for him. I still make little hints, saying, 'Kiss me' and he's like, 'Never.' "

Bradley added: "He loves me and I hate him, that's the dynamic. He's not my type. He's so like me and I'd never date myself. I'd be awful to date."

The chicken row wasn't the first time the pals have fallen out over food.

Bradley admitted: "We've had other arguments involving food. Once, he was eating egg-fried rice and walking up my stairs, and I had to get the mini vacuum out and vacuum up the stairs and he was laughing at me.

"We had an argument because he leaves his disgusting tissues around my living room then..."

If they do make it to the live shows, the flamboyant singers have big plans for their performances.

Bradley told heat magazine: "If we get to the live shows, we'd like to fly in over the audience in a harness. I want to fly over my nan and say, 'Hiya'."

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