Annette Badland set to exit EastEnders

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  • 18 September 2016
Annette Badland

Annette Badland

'EastEnders' actress Annette Badland is reportedly set to exit the BBC soap

Annette Badland is set to exit 'EastEnders'.

The actress has played Aunt Babe on the BBC soap since 2013, but is now poised to follow the likes of Rita Simons, Sam Womack and Danny Boy-Hatchard out of the door in 2017, amid fears from fellow cast members that they will soon be jettisoned from the show by new boss Sean O'Connor.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "The rumours on set are that despite so many cast members leaving, many more will be following them.

"And understandably that has created a lot of concern. Several of the actors are waiting with bated breath, convinced that Sean's axe will start swinging again."

A show insider has confirmed Annette's exit, but also revealed that the character would remain "in the wings".

The source shared: "Prior to living in The Vic, Aunt Babe was seen coming and going from The Square with her own life away from Walford.

"She will still very much be in the wings and could well continue to cause aggro for the Carter family."

This comes shortly after Riley Carter Millington also quit 'EastEnders'.

The actor - who was the first transgender male to play a transgender character in a UK soap - has only portrayed Kyle Slater for 12 months but is being driven out of the show by producers as they believes his alter ego has reached a "natural end".

Riley recently said: "When I landed a six-month contract at 'EastEnders' it was a dream come true. For that to be extended to a year was something I never expected."

Riley is also hoping the door will be left open for him to return.

He explained: "However, as the time comes for Kyle to depart Walford I am looking forward to taking on new roles and who knows, Kyle may find his way back to Walford one day."

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